What an Outsider Should Know about Hindu Dating

If you are not a Hindu you will want to learn what you can about Hindu dating before you become involved with anyone who is Hindu. Some of the Hindu beliefs that manifest themselves during dating are not open to compromise and may have a detrimental effect on a relationship between two people of opposing beliefs’ systems. There is certain protocol that you must expect during Hindu dating, and you should not expect your partner to compromise on any of it. It is for this reason you must educate yourself into any Hindu beliefs during dating so you will not be surprised upon discovery of these facts.

One of the most important and essential things for an outsider to learn about Hindu dating is that sex outside of marriage is strictly forbidden. If you have never dated a Hindu and are not aware of this part of their belief system you may be disappointed if you were expecting to eventually have the opportunity for a physical relationship during Hindu dating. Do not expect your dating partner to be willing to compromise his or her beliefs to accommodate you because it will not happen. If you’re expecting any kind of physical relationship you should not consider Hindu dating but rather choose a dating partner within your own belief system.

Hindus also do not smoke or drink alcohol. If you are guilty of engaging in either of these vices you will not have a happy relationship with a Hindu as your date. While you might be able to visit venues where alcohol is served, do not expect your date to join you in the consumption of alcoholic beverages. If you are the kind of person who does not like to drink alone you will not find Hindu dating partners to your liking. Unless you enjoy drinking alone it is not likely you will enjoy the company of a Hindu. That is not to say you cannot enjoy a drink with dinner but if you expect your date to join you in your vice you will be greatly disappointed.

The choice of meals will vary depending on where your date was raised. While Hindus raised in America may eat the same foods to which you are accustomed, those reared in different parts of India may not share the same food choices. Some Hindus do not eat meat at all while others eat it only in limited quantities. If you are a meat and potatoes person you may find dating a Hindu to be a challenge when it comes to making dinner choices. On the other hand if you are a vegetarian you may not find these restrictions to be of any great consequence. It’s essential for you to find out in the beginning the beliefs of the person you want to date so you know if there is a chance of any kind of long-term relationship. Remember, you will be the one who will need to make the compromises as Hindus are very firm and unyielding in their beliefs.


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